Awesome Transformation of a Tiny Closet Under the Stairs into a Contemporary Home Wine Cellar in Miami

After Wine Cellar Construction Miami Window Wall
After Wine Cellar Construction Miami Window Wall

Wine Cellar Specialists transformed a tiny space under the staircase into a contemporary wine room in a Miami home. Despite the limited space and irregular shape, the completed wine room turned out to be an elegant place for wine storage. Learn more about the stunning features of this beautiful wine cellar.

Challenges Did Not Stop an Expert from Building a Stunning Custom Wine Cellar Under the Stairs

In wine cellar construction, challenges in space and shape of the room may not be avoided. The space under the stairs, for example, can pose a problem to your chosen builder.

However, if you work with a company that has extensive experience in building a wine room, you can make sure that your wine cellar will store your collection safely and attractively.

Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our dealers, have been in the construction industry for many years. They have installed unique wine cellars in small spaces. Because of their passion and extensive experience in building wine cellars, the size and shape of the room did not hinder them from meeting the needs of their customers.

In Miami, a homeowner had a small closet under the stairs. He wanted to transform it into a safe and modern storage area for his prized wines. He chose Wine Cellar Specialists for this project.

Before Wine Cellar Construction Miami Window Wall
Before Wine Cellar Construction Miami Window Wall

Magnificent Features of the Small Wine Room

The space under the stairs was originally a coat closet. The size and sloping ceiling of the room required Wine Cellar Specialists to determine the most suitable racking styles to maximize the storage capacity. They also had to install a climate control system that would be ideal for the limited space.

They made a careful assessment of the functional and aesthetic needs of the owner before creating a custom wine cellar design. Three-dimensional images were provided to the client to allow them to visualize the completed wine room.

Metal Wine Racks Horizontal Display Miami
Metal Wine Racks Horizontal Display Miami
Left Sidelight Miami Home Wine Cellar
Metal Wine Racks Horizontal Display Miami
Rolling Case Storage Miami Wine Cellar Display
Rolling Case Storage Miami Wine Cellar Display

Metal Wine Racks Horizontal Display Miami

When building a wine cellar in a curved-shaped and tiny room, your builder must find a storage solution that will optimize the storage capacity of the room. Additionally, your wine display must also be designed with creativity.

On this installation project in Miami, the owner wanted a contemporary home wine cellar.

Metal wine racks are the ideal choice. However, he requested to combine metal and wood, which made the wine rack system unique.

Vintage View Metal Wine Racks

Metal is widely used in manufacturing wine racks. It is a very sturdy material and is easy to clean.

The metal wine racks used in this residential wine cellar were manufactured by Vintage View. This company provides metal racking units that are freestanding and can be mounted on the walls.

Wine Cellar Specialists installed wall-mounted metal wine racks on the curved wall on the left when you enter the room. Since the wine storage units don’t occupy flooring space, it was the best choice for this tiny cellar.

The 3-deep racks, which were designed to accommodate 428 bottles, created the illusion of bottles floating on air. They display the bottles sideways with labels facing out. This bottle orientation allows the owner to find a specific bottle of wine with ease. The wine racks were brushed with Nickel color for a sleek appearance.

Wooden Wine Racks

The combination of wood and metal add character to any wine cellar. The wood components were added below the metal wine racks.

There is a case storage with tabletops, which was constructed from Mahogany and finished with chestnut stain and lacquer. This type of wood is known for reddish to pinkish hue and becomes more attractive when stained. It is also recommended for refrigerated wine cellars because it can withstand humid conditions and is resistant to warping and decay.

Attractive Walls and Ceilings

The client had a special request for the walls and ceiling. They wanted these areas to look like stone. What Wine Cellar Specialists did was to use crushed limestone.

This material, which is a product of France, was sprayed onto the surfaces, hand-carved, and painted to achieve the look of real stone.

Windows and Doors Made from Glass

The client wanted to have all glass on both sides of the cellar. However, Wine Cellar Specialists did not remove the studs needed to bear the weight of the staircase. Because of this, they could not fulfill the owner’s request.

Glass was still incorporated on the door and iron-framed windows, allowing for a maximum view of the wine display from outside the cellar.

LED Lighting System – a Safe and Beautiful Option for Home Wine Cellars in Miami

The choice of lighting affects the overall appeal of your wine room. For this project, Wine Cellar Specialists installed LED spotlights on the right wall and ribbon lighting on the curved wall behind the case storage.

The LED lighting system is a favorite choice in the construction of home wine cellars because it can illuminate the room without emitting too much heat.

Excessive heat exposure can alter the chemical properties of the wine, resulting in an unpleasant smell and taste. Additionally, LED lights are also environment-friendly. They consume less energy compared to other types of lighting systems.

Miami Custom Wine Cellar Hand carved stonecoated ceiling and walls
Miami Custom Wine Cellar Hand carved stonecoated ceiling and walls
Wine Cellar Lighting Spot Lights Miami Project
Wine Cellar Lighting Spot Lights Miami Project
Mahogany with Chestnut Stain and Lacquer Grill Cover and Box Wine Cooling System
Mahogany with Chestnut Stain and Lacquer Grill Cover and Box Wine Cooling System

Efficient Wine Refrigeration System

The efficiency, size, and capacity of the wine cooing unit are the factors that must be considered if you want to ensure your collection is safe from harm. Wine Cellar Specialists used an RM2600 cooling unit from US Cellar Systems.

The unit was placed above the door so it could not be seen from the outside. It was concealed in a wooden grill and box. The condenser, which is the noisy component of the refrigeration system, was placed in the garage.

Turn that Extra Room into a Functional and Elegant Wine Storage Area

Do you have a small room in your Miami home that you want to convert into a safe place for your collection? Work with an expert whose main goal is to protect your wines and enhance the beauty of your home.

Contact Us today at +1 (786) 206-6988. They will create a design that will suit all your specific need and requirements.