First-Class Residential Wine Rooms in Miami: Wine Cellar with Stunning Design Details

It can be a tricky to build a wine cellar that can withstand the climate in Miami. In a recent project that our team has recently completed, not only were we able to achieve an effective climate-controlled wine storage system, but we were also able to create one that was aesthetically superior! With its uniquely lavish features, this home wine cellar is one of the best designed residential wine rooms in Miami!

A Fusion of Sophistication and Stunning Design – The Elements Needed to Build Luxurious Residential Wine Rooms in Miami

Through the years, Custom Wine Cellar Miami has helped many wine connoisseurs achieve their dream wine storage structures. This wine cellar construction in Miami is definitely one of our favorite projects!

The client is a couple who owned a high-end home in Miami. This couple owned a wine collection of over 14,000 vinos that they’ve collected from their travels all over the world. They contacted us because they decided to have a dedicated storage room for their wine collection. The goal for this project was to create a wine cellar design that could house all their prized bottles and complement the luxurious style of their home.

The couple wanted their dream wine cellar to be built beside their dining and wine tasting area, which has a huge flat screen TV for guests to enjoy while sitting on comfortable chairs. Adjacent to this area is a space where the couple keeps their opulent car collection. Having these rooms in mind, our wine cellar design specialists had to conceptualize a cellar that would be fit this extravagant setup.

A Customized Wine Racking System to Add Aesthetic Value to the Cellar

The most beautiful residential wine rooms in Miami have a combination of wine racking systems installed. In this project, our team installed various styles and configurations of wine racks to create a truly distinctive design.

Unique Wine Racks on the Cellar Back Wall with Gorgeous Waterfall Displays

The first feature that would catch anyone’s attention when entering this residential wine room in Miami is the glorious waterfall wine displays that descend from the cellar’s back wall down to the center of the storage room. Our team built three units of waterfall wine racks and installed them side by side, facing the wine cellar door. The middle waterfall wine racking unit is the longest.

The three units of waterfall wine racks lead to a tabletop at the center of the room. This tabletop can be used for decanting and tasting wines. Below the tabletop is more storage for additional wine bottles. We installed a tier half-round wine racks with three shelves below the tabletop. In between each of these waterfall wine racks, our team installed an arch with a tabletop.

On each side of every single waterfall wine rack unit was a high reveal display row, as well as wooden case storage bins. The high reveal display rows are designed to keep bottles tilted at a 15-degree angle, which is helpful in keeping the cork moist with wine. The wooden case storage bins are necessary for keeping wine in bulk, especially large format bottles.

Our team also installed other types of racking systems on the back wall, including individual racks, display rows, horizontal display racks, and diamond bins.

Racking Systems on the Left and Right Walls of this Residential Wine Room in Miami

In this residential wine room project in Miami, we installed horizontal display rows on the top section of both its left and right walls. We added a display row across the middle section of the walls. On their bottom sections, we placed diamond bins. The racking systems on the left and right walls are almost identical. The difference is that we added a wooden case storage on the bottom section of the left wall, and none on the right.

The left and right walls end with quarter round display racks. These racking systems are where bottles can be stored vertically. The client can also opt to keep wine cellar accessories on these quarter round display racks, such as decanters and wine glasses.

More Outstanding Features of this High-End Residential Wine Room in Miami

Since this client had over 14,000 bottles in their collection, we wanted to make sure that they had easy access to all their wines, including those stored at the top racks. To provide convenient access to all bottles, our team added a hook ladder. This ladder can be removed from its rail and transferred to another wall, so that the client can get access to wines stored beyond reach.

To achieve a contemporary style for this residential wine room in Miami, we installed a gorgeous glass door that would match the elegance of its adjacent rooms. Our team insulated the glass panels and made sure that it tightly sealed the entire storage room. The glass enclosure made it convenient for the client and their guests to see the inside of the cellar without having to enter it. This is advantageous for the client’s wine collection, because unnecessary opening of the cellar could cause fluctuations in the temperature and humidity in the storage facility. Constant changes in the climate conditions inside the home wine cellar could spoil their wines. Moreover, the glass allowing clear view of their collection is an effective way to showcase to their guests all of their prized wines.

Master Builder of Residential Wine Rooms in Miami

Custom Wine Cellar Miami is a trusted wine storage expert. Our team has built countless residential wine rooms in Miami, and all of them are uniquely designed. We can help you create a wine cellar design that reflects your personality. Our team is more than willing to assist you from conceptualization to construction. Give us a call today at +1 786-206-6988!