Take Your Wine Cellar in Miami, Florida to Greater Heights in Aesthetic Value by Adding Custom Features and Unique Accents

Turn your wine cellar in Miami, Florida into a masterpiece of art by adding custom features and unique accents. Make your family and friends be in bewildered awe every time you invite them over for some wine tasting and let them immerse themselves with your prized wine collection displayed in all grandeur and elegance. We at Custom Wine Cellar Miami understand our clients’ desire to only want what is best and top of the line for their wine rooms. Whether you are still in the initial planning stage of constructing your own residential wine room or want to hype up your existing one, our group of experts and specialists can offer you the guidance and give you tips and suggestions to achieve that one of a kind wine cellar in Miami, Florida

Give Your Wine Cellar What It Deserves, Exquisite and Unparalleled Aesthetics – Add and Install Custom Features and Unique Accents

Have your wine cellar designed by an expert, in order to upgrade its aesthetics!
Have your wine cellar designed by an expert, in order to upgrade its aesthetics!
Boost the look and ambiance of your storage space by consulting a wine cellar specialist!
Boost the look and ambiance of your storage space by consulting a wine cellar specialist!

Having a wine cellar nowadays is something one would consider as a pleasurable delight – to have your prized wine bottles displayed in a room in your own residential estate and be enjoyed by your family and guests. But a lot of proper planning and designing has to come first before one gets to have a wine room that is fully functioning with wine sustaining properties and with elegant aesthetics to match. The functionality of a wine storage space depends on the quality of materials chosen and the proper installation of hardware the builder has laid down for the project. Your wine cellar builder should be able to create a room with proper temperature and humidity maintaining functions and controls. This is essential to keep the quality of your wines in tip-top shape. Wine is delicate and is sensitive to big temperature and humidity fluctuations. Your wine cellar builder should be knowledgeable and experienced enough to work with your initial plan and design and make sure the final outcome is functional.

Of course, your wine cellars functionality should not come with the expense of sacrificing its aesthetic and visual value. You should still be able to retain the look you want to achieve whether you are going for that traditional and vintage or for a modern and contemporary one. We at Custom Wine Cellar Miami share the dream with our clients to have that cherished collection to be displayed in the best way possible. Our team of cellar specialists have a lot of ideas up our sleeves that we can’t wait to share with you.

These two factors, functionality and aesthetics, are what our team tries to hit in the best way possible in our every project. When we work on one, we discuss with the client every option available for them to achieve that unique and one of a kind cellar. We allow our clients to impart as much as possible they can of themselves to really get that personalized touch – to let their imagination run wild and just be artistic. We encourage them to try adding different features and accents that are available in the market. Some of the things you can add that our team can help you out with and discuss to you about are:

Sublime Lighting Systems and Fixtures To Go With Your Cellar

The market offers a lot of available lighting systems one can use and add to their very own wine room but not all are fitting or appropriate to be installed. Your choice of lighting system can be a factor for the spoilage of your wines if not carefully chosen or installed. Some lighting systems emit UV rays and high temperatures which are harmful to your wines and may cause spoilage. Nevertheless, your choice of lighting system can truly highlight and set the ambience of your cellar. When your lighting is expertly and properly installed, every other detail of the wine room just gets accentuated and the wines become more noticeable.

We have listed a few options for wine cellar lighting that we recommend to our clients:

a. Hanging Lights and Chandeliers

Depending on the size of your wine cellar, chandeliers can immediately set the mood for the entire room. This type of lighting come in many forms and allows our client to be expressive in their own way. A traditional chandelier can help you achieve a more classic and age-less feel. You can also go for a trendier and more modern look by choosing a contemporary design which is widely available in the market.

b. Accent Lights

These lights allow the owner to highlight the best features of their cellar or even the whole architecture of the room. They instantly direct any visiting party’s attention to where you want them. This system includes but not limited to rope lights, tape lights, light strips and recessed lights. We encourage our clients to get creative and try to use these lights to add to the space’s visual interest.

c. Backlighting

If you are going for that modern and stylish look, this lighting system will surely make the room look and feel like one. Give your wines the attention and appreciation they deserve by making them shine in their bottle’s color when you install micro-fluorescent lights behind them and silhouette their form.

The best wine cellar designs are those made by Custom Wine Cellars Miami!
The best wine cellar designs are those made by Custom Wine Cellar Miami!

Add a Bar Table for the Perfect Tasting Experience

It has become a trend for wine cellar owners to invite some family and friends over for some wine tasting. Adding a small detail like an accent table in your residential wine cellar can totally hype up any guest’s experience in your wine room. Share with them the experience of drinking good and priceless wines without having to leave the room.

Other Ideas to Further Accentuate Your Wine Room in Miami, FL

Our expert stylists and wine cellar designers can talk to you more about small additional features you can add to your wine room in Miami, Florida to boost its visual interest. From hanging wall decorations to mosaic style flooring, we will be glad to help you get that extraordinaire look for your personal wine room.

Consult with Our Team of Experts in Wine Cellars in Miami, FL!

Talk to our team of experts and specialists and amplify the aesthetic value of your wine cellar in Miami, FL! Tell us about what you want to achieve, and we will be more than glad to help you get there. We can offer advice without you having to give up your personal touch. Whether you are going for a traditional or a modern look, our master builders are well experienced in any area involving wine cellars. Give us a call now at +1 786-206-6988 have that professionally made wine cellar at your very own home.